Getting Started with Visual layout builder

Our theme comes with a visual layout builder. This software allows you to forget about shortcodes and create most complex layouts within minutes without writing a single line of code! Our Visual Layout Builder is based on widely popular Visual Composer by mixey. It has very simple and intuitive interface, but before getting started with building layouts, you may find it useful to get accustomed with Visual Composer documentation: By default, Builder is enabled for all post types except photo-album. These settings can be overwritten via “WP-admin > Settings > Visual Composer”. To start creating new layout click “Visual Composer” button on the top right of WYSIWYG (text editor):

vc WYSIWYG editor change to Visual Composer canvas (see image below). You can work with it as you do with regular Visual Composer: vc2   After clicking “Add element” button, you’ll notice vast set of interface elements (shortcodes) developed exclusively for your theme (see image below). Their interface is build on same principles as standard Visual Composer shortcodes. Therefore if you’re already familiar with Visual Composer, working with our shortcodes will be a breeze for you! vc3   Visual Composer documentation can be found here:


Here a basic idea of using visual composer: