Import our live demo !

Import our live demo is the best way to start with the theme.

This allow you to see how we built layouts and use elements through the theme. Then you can delete the content you don’t want, or replace our content with your.

We’ve built an tool to automatically import all the content and setting that you have seen on our demo.

Attention: This will option will FLUSH all your current content, data and images. It will completely replace your actual website by our demo’s content!

As you know, Lush is very flexible and you have already seen a couple of demo before buying it. The 3 main demos are:

  • Lush Hipster (Default theme)
  • Lush Rock
  • Lush Classic

To import our demo, go to Lush > Import Default Data > In the drop-down, select the “demo” you want then click Import default data.

LUSH Options ‹ Lush   Rock Layout — WordPress

* Depending your server speed, this can take up to 3 minutes. If it has spins for over 15 minutes, you might have server issues.

When import has finish, you are all set !

Take note that in our demo, we use a plugin called N-Media MailChimp and it’s linked to our own Mailchimp account. You will have to setup your own mailchimp account to use it. Read more about “MailChimp” in our documentation.

If you have issue and you can’t import our default data using this tool, here’s an alternative. Our theme option’s Import Default Data button might not work on some server. It sometimes happen with some server and error is actually unknown. Usually, it’s a security permission.

Use the default wordpress importer (tools > import > wordpress). You might have to install the plugin if you are using it for the first time. Then, you will be able to import the XML file (which is located in ironband/import/)