Header and Logos

it’s in the header section that you have to set your logos.

In Lush, we use 2 different logos.

  1. The header logo (and its retina logo) is used in the header of the website.
  2. The menu logo (and it’s retina logo) is used in the menu when you open it.

If you want to have transparency in your logo, you must upload a PNG logo with transparency. ¬†Look on YouTube for tutorials: “How to make a transparent logo PNG”

Quick tips about Retina logos:

When people visit your website using a retina screen (such as iPhone 5, iPads, or new Apple’s products) they will see the retina logos. The retina logo is as simple as a TWICE bigger logo than your regular logo. So if your regular logo is 200X100 your retina logo should be 400X200 then we take care to display it 200X100 on the website so it will looks very sharp on retina displays.