Pagination Settings

This theme option page allow you yo set how many items you want to see in the page template before showing a paging.

Please note that this doesnt apply to widgets. This only apply to:

  • Event Template
  • Video Template (List and Grid)
  • Photo Albums Template (List and Grid)

To set how many items you want to display in the blog template, go to Settings > Reading.

You have 4 different options for the pagination of your page templates.

  1. Displays links for next and previous pages (e.g. : « Previous Page — Next Page »)
  2. Displays a row of paginated links (e.g. : « Prev 1 … 3 4 5 6 7 … 9 Next »)
  3. Displays a single link to dynamically load more items (e.g. : « More Posts ») (AJAX)
  4. Dynamically load more items as you scroll down (infinite scrolling) (AJAX)